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Modern Plaid & Floral Cross Body Bag - 2 Sizes (Personalized)

Everyone needs a perfect little bag. Sometimes it is just too much to carry around your bigger purses. Sometimes you just want to carry the essentials with no extra bulk! If you feel this way, then this is the perfect bag for you!
This fun little bag comes in two sizes: Regular (7.5" x 9") and Large (11" x 11"). The regular sized bag is a perfect little bag for just the essentials. The large size is also a great option since it can hold more, but still doesn't look too bulky. They each have a crossbody adjustable shoulder strap that measure at 48" for both the regular and large. They each have top zipper closures to keep your items secure inside, as well as an exterior zipper pocket. The Large size also has a slip pocket on the inside. They both have beautiful polished nickel hardware.
Designing this bag will be a breeze in our design center. Choose to customize the front or the front and back! Now pick a fun design to start you off or upload your very own pictures and artwork. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call! We are always happy to help with whatever you need.
While you're getting your slim bag, why not get a slim wallet? Go into our Wallets and Purses section to find our small framed wallet, leatherette keychain ID holder, slim leather ID and card wallet, and cell phone credit card holder.
Design Shown: Modern Plaid & Floral (#552922)
* Comes in 2 sizes: Regular (7.5" x 9"), Large (11" x 11")
* 48" cross body adjustable strap
* Top zipper closure, exterior zipper pocket on back (Large size has interior slip pocket)
* Polished nickel hardware as beautiful accent

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- Bag Body Cross Floral & Plaid Modern 2 (Personalized) Sizes Crossbody Bags

- Bag Body Cross Floral & Plaid Modern 2 (Personalized) Sizes Crossbody Bags

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