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Jumping Jacks Buck Lace Up Oxford (Infant/Toddler/Little Kid)

Product details

For 60 years, Jumping Jacks has been committed to making quality children shoes based on the premise that kids' feet come in all shapes and sizes. They've added features like leather-cushioned insoles and full-leather linings on most of shoes to insure that your child's feet stay cool and dry. Jumping Jacks foot beds are flexible and use size-graded outsoles for better fit. Believing that children's shoes should be for children and not adult look-a-likes, Jumping Jacks shoes will accommodate your child's growing needs for years to come. Whether you are looking for your baby's first shoe or a comfortable fitted children's shoe, Jumping Jacks' products will suit every need for a child's growing foot. Jumping Jacks is setting the standard for premier baby and adolescent brands; with orthopedically correct design, fashion innovation, and parent-friendly merchandising.

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Jumping Kid) (Infant/Toddler/Little Oxford Up Lace Buck Jacks Oxfords & Loafers

Jumping Kid) (Infant/Toddler/Little Oxford Up Lace Buck Jacks Oxfords & Loafers

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