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Software development outsourcing
Rely on our team of technology experts to build your solutions and extract insights from your data.

Turning technology into value

Greater focus on your business
Arbit is responsible for the technical capacity and availability of the professional assigned, whether in your company or with us. This way, our clients focus 100% on their business objectives.
Certified technical profile
The technical profile of the professionals we supply is always in line with the technical profile desired and required by our clients and projects.
We're really fast
Because we have many professionals specialized and senior in Data Platform and Analytics, our professionals are really fast and assertive in their work plan with a focus on quality.
Real-time management
Management of all activities through our online tool. This ensures real-time transparency and efficiency in all the services provided by Arbit.
Recurring follow-up
Face-to-face or remote support, depending on the client's needs, from our HR managers, project managers and operations managers.

Our service models

SQUAD Development
The Agile SQUAD is a multidisciplinary team that meets different competencies and can be made up of different profiles, from business users to developers. With this model it is possible to have a self-managing, multidisciplinary and agile team, optimizing the software creation process.
Allocation of Developers
In this business model, allocation of IT professionals, we offer companies the possibility of hiring professionals specialized in information technology without having to deal with bureaucratic selection, hiring and training processes. Arbit is an IT consultancy that offers this service, helping companies to quickly find the right professional for their needs, be it a software developer, a data analyst, an information security specialist, among others.
Tailor-made project
In this service model, we define the scope with all the project's functionalities and requirements. Once the scope has been defined, the efforts, costs and timetable for implementation are negotiated. You can count on our experience and team of experts for greater security in implementing successful projects.
Software Factory
We work on the implementation of activity control management, client communication, version and bug control, with the aim of reducing costs and increasing quality and productivity. In this way, your company directs the efforts and skills of its professionals to the core business, leaving the technical responsibility to our highly specialized team.
IT Environment Assessment
Our Assessment provides the company with a detailed evaluation of its IT environment and compares it with good market practices. We present possible solutions for the GAPs found and a structured plan for future actions to manage data and IT environments.
Cloud Migration Planning
Allow your users to access files and operate applications from any Internet-connected device. Our Cloud Computing services help organizations drive innovation and business transformation, increasing agility and reducing costs.
Software Architecture
Our team of highly qualified software architects is ready to design a customized architecture that meets your specific needs. We carefully analyze your requirements, challenges and objectives, using best practices and industry standards to create a solid framework that promotes scalability, component reuse and ease of maintenance.
Managed Services
Arbit specializes in data and the entire information ecosystem, and our managed support services cover end-to-end data environments. Whether it's a data warehouse, data lake, self-service BI environment, etc.
Software licensing
Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider
In the age of digital transformation, having cloud solutions is essential for boosting the growth and efficiency of your business. The Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 (O365) platforms offer simplified access to a wide variety of tools and services, along with specialized support to maximize your cloud investment. Arbit as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) can help you on this journey.

We're specialists

Our team of developers, engineers and architects are highly qualified to optimize the implementation of tailor-made solutions for your company.

Data & Analytics

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the corporate management process. Discover the full potential of your data with our Business Intelligence services

Advanced Analytics

This method consists of using more sophisticated tools and techniques to arrive at deeper insights and relationships by cross-referencing information. In this way, the predictions and recommendations generated are more assertive.

Modern Data Warehouse / Big Data

One of the factors in a company's success is the analytical resources you create and scale. Achieving good analysis in the midst of a huge amount of data can be stressful, so let us help you solve this problem by relying on our data scientists and Big Data experts.

Data Platform

Modern business systems increasingly use large volumes of data, in different formats and updated all the time. Selecting the right data storage for your requirements is a key decision for your business.

Cloud Computing

Modernization and Migration to the Cloud

Excellence in the customer's journey through the cloud, from planning and architecture, to migration or creation, sustaining the environment and the necessary and constant optimization.

Governance and Security

Ensure the protection of your data and alignment with regulations through our specialized consultancy in Cloud Computing Governance and Security.

DataOps, DevOps & MLOps

Promote collaboration, automation and efficiency in the development, operation and management of data, software and machine learning models.

Systems Development

Web and Mobile Development

High-performance applications developed with the highest quality to meet the needs of your business. Personalized and exclusive development.

Modern Application Development

Get modern and innovative applications to boost the growth of your business with our expert systems development consultancy.

Software Engineering

QA / Software Testing

Our QA team guarantees the high quality of your solutions through a detailed understanding of your business objectives and applications.

UX / UI Design

Our designers design the front-end of your applications and dashboards using the best market practices, delivering details and a delightful experience for the end user.

Project management

Specialized in IT project management, our team of managers are certified by world-renowned organizations and have the necessary experience to deliver projects with quality and agility.

Software Architecture

Transform the foundation of your software with the expertise of our IT consultancy in Software Architecture, creating solid and efficient structures that drive innovation and the success of your projects.

Arbit Consulting

Our team

Made up of certified specialists, our team of #arbitanos excel in technical quality and business understanding. They adapt quickly to your company's culture and objectives and transform technology into value on a daily basis.

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We use the main methodologies on the market to develop your project in the best and most appropriate way, according to your expectations and deadlines.

The Scaled Agile Framework solves the problem of lack of scale faced by small agile teams whose mission is to develop large software systems. Arbit already has professionals working in this new reality.

This is an essential process for the digital transformation of your business, and it doesn't just involve adopting new technologies, but the process of reinventing the business model in line with your demands. In this way, we will understand the scenario and map out a path, so that we can configure and update the tools according to the needs and characteristics of your environment.

SCRUM is the most popular agile method and one that allows for a significant increase in productivity. Extremme Programming practices bring even more agility and quality when combined with it. Arbit has teams fluent in the most established SCRUM and XP support tools on the market, such as CA Technology Rally and Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Suitable for companies in transition to an agile culture, it allows easy visualization of the development flow and the reduction of bottlenecks, increasing productivity.

We have professionals who are certified and trained in project management according to PMI / PMBOK best practices. We adapt the framework to the client's level of maturity and specific needs. Arbit has teams fluent in the management support tools Microsoft Project Web Access (PWA) and Team Foundation Server (TFS).


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Why Arbit?

Transforming technology into value is our daily mission.

Since 1999, Arbit Brasil has been operating in the information technology market, providing consultancy services and developing data intelligence solutions and customized systems
Our premise is human value, ethics and responsibility. All of these characteristics form our work philosophy, which is reflected in our day-to-day work and extended to our clients.
We are a company with a strategic, innovative and agile vision and we have a portfolio of more than 800 projects delivered to companies from different industries in Brazil and abroad.
Here, we are more than collaborators. We are Arbiters. And our main premise is to transform technology into value on a daily basis. This is what drives us and gives us pleasure.

We're specialists in customized software development services.

Forget the complexity, we'll take care of it for you!