Microsoft SQL Server

SQL's family of cloud databases provides flexible options for migration, modernization, and application development

Get a consistent, unified experience across your entire SQL portfolio and a full range of deployment options from edge to cloud.

Azure's intelligent and secure SQL database services make it easy:

  • Migrate your SQL workloads with SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Modernize your existing applications or take advantage of hybrid flexibility with Azure Managed SQL Instance.
  • Support modern cloud applications with Azure SQL Database.
  • Use your existing SQL skills in the cloud and on the same engine as SQL Server.
  • Extend your applications to Edge IoT gateways and devices with Azure SQL on Edge.
  • Continue to make the most of your current license investments.
  • Run Azure SQL locally and in multi-cloud environments with Azure Arc-enabled data services.

Explore Azure SQL database services

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Migrate your SQL workloads to Azure with ease, while maintaining full SQL Server compatibility and operating system level access.

Azure Managed SQL Instance

Modernize your existing SQL Server applications at scale and at your pace with an intelligent, fully managed service.

Azure SQL Database

Support modern cloud applications in an intelligent, fully managed service that includes serverless computing and hyperscale storage.

Azure SQL on Edge

Extend your applications to IoT Edge gateways and devices to gain real-time insights in connected, disconnected, or hybrid environments.

Main features

Fully managed and always up-to-date

Spend more time innovating and less time patching, updating and backing up your databases. Azure is the only cloud with perennial SQL that automatically applies the latest updates and patches so your databases are always up to date, eliminating end-of-support issues. Even complex tasks such as performance tuning, high availability, disaster recovery and backups are automated, allowing you to focus on your applications.

Use your existing SQL experience in the cloud

Azure SQL is based on the same SQL Server technology that you are already familiar with, so there is no need to relearn your SQL skills when making the switch. Develop your application just once using your existing SQL skills and deploy it to any Azure SQL cloud database. And Azure is the only cloud with a consistent SQL codebase that extends from edge to cloud.

When you are ready, start building your Azure SQL Database, SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines or Azure SQL Managed Instance solutions.

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