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Poppi Living Infant Fitted Sheet, Flower

Your little sprout will slumber soundly on these comfortably soft fitted crib sheets, surrounded by the bright and airy style of blossomed florals in a vibrant spring-blend of pastels. About Us / From the Manufacturer Born in Sydney in 163, Living Textiles Co. began as a small family business offering high-quality fabrics. Over the next half a century, our company grew to become the #1 favorite baby lifestyle brand for Australian parents. In 2011, we established our U.S. headquarters in Southern California and debuted our first collections in the North American Market. Today, Living Textiles Co. is a creative design house obsessed with our 3 founding principles of innovation, value, and quality. From Australia with love, we are proud to create for your family thoughtfully-designed quality products to inspire the designer within.

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Poppi Flower Sheet, Fitted Infant Living Sheets

Poppi Flower Sheet, Fitted Infant Living Sheets

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