Azure AI

Azure AI service offers a wide range of advanced capabilities for building and deploying intelligent solutions at scale

Discovering Azure's AI Capabilities: How this platform is transforming cognitive computing.

Unlock the full potential of Azure AI, a complete portfolio of artificial intelligence services that offers developers and data scientists the flexibility and innovation needed to create exceptional AI solutions, with responsible practices and decades of innovative research available for your use.

With Azure AI, you can access high-quality models for vision, speech, language, and decision making with ease using simple API calls and even create your own machine learning models through familiar tools and open source frameworks, all supported by the platform's responsible AI principles.

Main benefits of the platform


Business process modernization can be driven by AI specializing in tasks that solve common scenarios, accelerating development through internal business logic that enables solutions to be started quickly within days, while cloud security extends to the intelligent edge, ensuring accountability anywhere.


A wide range of customizable cognitive APIs for vision, speech, language and decision making: With the most complete portfolio of AI capabilities on the market, it is easy to access sophisticated AI models, including OpenAI models, ensuring confidence in creating and customizing solutions that achieve human parity in computational visual search, speech and language, and deploy them anywhere, from the cloud to the edge, using containers to streamline the creation process and meet your specific needs.

With advanced features such as Jupyter Notebook, an intuitive drag-and-drop designer, and automated Machine Learning, you can create custom models with the tools of your choice. In addition, automated and repeatable Machine Learning workflows allow you to create and deploy models at scale, while built-in accountability features provide greater control and protection of data and models, ensuring innovation with accountability. The platform also offers unparalleled support for open source frameworks and languages such as MLflow, Kubeflow, ONNX, so you can build it your way.

Maximize innovation with a high-performance AI supercomputing infrastructure designed to accelerate your most complex workloads, such as training and large-scale model inference, by choosing from a portfolio of AI-optimized virtual machines, including Azure N-series VMs, and expand your next-generation AI capabilities with the capabilities of the AI at Scale initiative.

Main features of the service

Create applications your way

Build custom applications with the tools and features you need, regardless of your skill level in development and data science.

Deploy critical AI solutions

Deploy business-critical AI solutions using trusted AI services that already power AI capabilities in successful Microsoft products like Xbox, HoloLens, and Microsoft Teams.

Apply AI responsibly

Apply AI responsibly with the tools, services, and guidelines that ensure data privacy, transparency, and trust, helping you to use AI ethically and responsibly.

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