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Decision making is part of the routine of strategic positions. In this scenario, it is essential to have the support of technology so that each step is even more accurate in pursuit of the company's development and the achievement of goals. BI tools and other Advanced Analytics technologies are important for the team's professionals to quickly transform everything that has been collected into relevant information and knowledge for the business.

In choosing the best solution for Business Intelligencesolution, it is fundamental to count on a specialized company that is a reference. In this case Arbit has the necessary expertise and experience.

With a range of highly trained and certified professionals, we are partners Microsoft Gold partnersGold Partners, and we have extensive knowledge in several areas of BI. That is why we are qualified to detect the volume of data in your company, understand your demands, and thus propose the best solution.

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Rely on our experts to leverage your company's technology investments. Our team quickly adapts to your company, culture, language, business objective, and accurately delivers the expected solutions.

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Key Benefits of BI Solutions

Intuitive data exploration using natural language.
Update dashboards in real time.
Access to reports and indicators on all types of platforms.
Share your indicators and your goals with your entire company.
Insights Generation
Analyze possibilities and alternatives based on the data.

Understand the main BI tools

Dashboards and KPIS

Dashboards are panels formed by indicators (KPIs - Key Performance Indicator) and are used for monitoring the company's objectives and goals.


Reporting solutions display a more detailed dataset in multiple perspectives, with visuals that represent the different findings and information gained from that dataset.


Multidimensional cubes are tools for consolidating the information stored in the DW that allow business analysts and executives to analyze and visualize corporate data in a fast, consistent, and interactive way.

PB&F - Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

These are solutions to optimize the corporate management process through budget planning and, subsequently, periodic follow-ups so that these results are achieved and possible deviations are analyzed and corrected.

Data Warehouse

Data repositories that store company information in a consolidated form. The DW is the core of the management information systems of BI solutions.

Data Quality

Ensure that your data is correct, accurate, consistent, and available on time.

ETL (Extract, Trasform and Load)

It is the process of loading data from BI solutions. It integrates with data sources, processing, and loads the data into the data warehouse.

Self-service BI

It facilitates collaboration and information sharing among teams with integrated and properly consistent information, with less dependence on IT.

Our team

Made up of certified specialists, our team of #arbitanos excel in technical quality and business understanding. They adapt quickly to your company's culture and objectives and transform technology into value on a daily basis.