Modern Data Warehouse / Big Data

Storage and insight generation from large volumes of structured and unstructured data quickly, effectively, and at an affordable cost

Accelerate your company's processes with Big Data

The business world is getting busier and busier, and in parallel, data generation is growing at an exponential pace. Giving due attention to all this data has become an increasing challenge, as the time available is decreasing. Therefore, an appropriate solution is to implement Big Data in your business.

Big Data encompasses a variety of technologies and tools capable of extracting high value from the manipulation of a large volume of data, in an efficient and practical way. This makes it much easier to arrive at valuable and accurate insights for your organization.

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Arbit has been active in the data market since 1999, initially focusing on Business Intelligence projects, and has always followed the development of this industry and its developments. It has kept its focus on supporting its clients in the generation of value through data analysis, training itself in Big Data and related technologies.

Therefore, count on our experts to develop a Big Data strategy for your business to get faster results, thus helping you succeed in a data-driven world.

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Rely on our experts to leverage your company's technology investments. Our team quickly adapts to your company, culture, language, business objective, and accurately delivers the expected solutions.

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How Big Data can help your business

Gather all necessary data

Data volumes are exploding: from traditional point-of-sale systems and e-commerce websites to new sources such as social networks and sensors used in IoT platforms. By analyzing a different data set from the beginning, you will make more informed decisions that are predictive and holistic rather than reactive and disconnected.

Create a cost-effective supply chain

Integrate Big Data from the enterprise value chain and use real-time analytics to optimize supply-side performance and save money. Take proactive measures with a live view into your supply chain: assess inventory levels, forecast product fulfillment needs, and identify potential backlist issues.

Deliver personalized customer experience

Delight your customers with a personalized experience that changes based on their behavior, even offering recommended products that include dynamic discounts for a customized shopping experience. Give suppliers a predictive list of items to buy based on current order information and historical customer data.

Be more efficient in everything you do

Discover insights in your data to optimize the way you do business. Whether organizing human resources, managing supply chains, or anticipating customer and staff needs, understanding the factors that affect operational efficiency is essential to streamlining your business.

Keep your most valuable asset: Big Data

Keep your organization's data indefinitely, regardless of size. Instead of making cost trade-offs on what data to keep, retain your data to meet company and regulatory standards at affordable prices. Now, this is possible with cloud computing.

Key Benefits of Big Data

Ease and Convenience

Ready-to-use analysis components and various means available for data transfers.

Risk Optimization

Visualize in a much easier way the information from your company and be able to predict possible failures and bottlenecks in your processes.

High Performance

With data integration the computational capacity becomes scalable, thus resulting in a unified view of the data, ready to be processed and analyzed.

Greater integration between sectors

With the need to cross-reference information from different sources, a natural consequence is an approximation of the different sectors of the company.

Combine technologies to get the most out of your data

By using Big Data combined with next-generation technologies, your organization will be able to extract maximum value from your data, providing solutions for many different types of needs, from the simplest reports to predictive or prescriptive analytics that require the use of artificial intelligence and complex statistical algorithms. Check in the diagram the technologies closely related to Big Data that leverage the competitive advantage of companies.

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