Data Platform

Modern business systems increasingly use large volumes of data, in different formats, that are updated all the time.

Selecting the right data warehouse for your requirements is a key decision for your business

Repositories are advantageous for organizations because they store all data in one place, which makes analyzing it a faster task. These data repositories can have extremely varied characteristics and processing requirements.

There are literally hundreds of implementations to choose from between NoSQL and SQL databases. Data repositories are generally categorized by how they structure data and the types of operations they support.

Data repositories must be able to handle large amounts of information, arriving in various formats and from various streams, while continuing to process new queries.

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We're expertise in the main platforms in the market

Increase your Business Efficiency with a Relational Database

Our Relational Database consulting offers tailored solutions to optimize the management of your data. With our expertise, we will implement a structured and reliable database, allowing quick access to information and more assertive decision making. Increase the efficiency of your business and achieve significant results with our specialized Relational Database services.

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NoSQL Database Consulting: Unlocking the Possibilities of Data Lakes, Delta Lakes and Graphs

Our NoSQL Database consulting offers customized solutions for companies dealing with large volumes of unstructured data. With extensive experience in implementing and optimizing NoSQL systems, our team is prepared to help you exploit the potential of Data Lakes, Delta Lakes and Graphs. From building and managing robust and scalable Data Lakes to exploring the complex relationships in graph databases, we work closely with your team to understand the nature of your data, identify the best solutions, and define the implementation strategy appropriate for your environment. We combine technical expertise and industry best practices to deliver efficient and scalable solutions, ensuring data reliability, consistency, and governance.

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Discover the Invisible Connections: Expertise Graph Database Consulting

Our expert graph database consulting provides valuable insights by revealing the complex and hidden connections in your data. With leading technologies such as Neo4j, we help you understand industries such as social networking, personalized recommendations and fraud detection. Working closely together, our team will identify the best graph database solutions for your business, providing optimized models, flexible schemas and efficient queries. Transform your data and gain deeper insight with our Graph Database consulting.

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Which model to choose?

You should start by considering which storage model is the best fit for your needs. Then consider a specific data storage within that category, based on factors such as feature set, cost, and ease of management.

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