To deliver work with excellence, specialized professionals are needed, but also efficient methodologies

Methodologies Used

SAFe 5.0 (Scaled Agile Framework)

The Scaled Agile Framework solves the problem of lack of scale faced by small agile teams whose mission is to develop large software systems. Arbit already has professionals working in this new reality.


Indicated for companies in transition to an agile culture, it allows an easy visualization of the development flow and the reduction of bottlenecks, increasing productivity.

Scrum and XP

SCRUM is the most popular agile method that allows a significant increase in productivity. The Extremme Programming practices bring even more agility and quality when combined with it. Arbit has teams fluent in the most renowned SCRUM and XP support tools in the market such as CA Technology Rally and Team Foundation Server (TFS).


We have certified and trained professionals for project management following PMI / PMBOK best practices. We adapt the framework according to the maturity level and specific needs of the client. Arbit has teams fluent in the management support tools Microsoft Project Web Access (PWA) and Team Foundation Server (TFS).


Integrating the Development and Operations team, DevOps covers security, collaborative ways of working, data analysis, and many other practices. To maintain this continuous integration with agility, quality and stability, it is necessary to have a great management of this project, and highly qualified professionals is in Arbit's DNA.

Turning technology into value

Greater focus on your business
Arbit is responsible for the technical capacity and availability of the allocated professional, whether in your company or with us. Thus, our clients focus 100% on their business objectives.
Certified Technical Profile
The technical profile of the professionals we supply is always in accordance with the technical profile desired and needed by our clients and projects.
We are really fast
By having many professionals specialized and seniors in Data Platform and Analytics, our professionals are really fast and assertive in their work plan with focus on quality.
Real-time management
Management of all activities through our online tool. Thus, there is transparency and efficiency in real time of all services provided by Arbit.
Recurring Follow-up
On-site or remote follow-up according to the client's needs, by our HR managers, project managers, and operations managers.

All this so that your company can stand out and grow more and more.

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