Harness the power of an in-memory database with SAP HANA.

Compete strategically in today's business environment with a database that accelerates decisions based on real-time data.

Supporting state-of-the-art transactional processing with advanced analytical functions.

Innovate without limits in a database management system that allows you to develop intelligent and dynamic solutions to accelerate decision making based on a single copy of data.

SAP HANA now delivers the power of data in the cloud


Bring the simplicity and speed of SAP HANA to the cloud, based on ten years of in-memory innovation. Manage data from all sources, gain real-time insights, and run custom applications. The SAP HANA Cloud is a fully managed multi-cloud platform with the freedom to be implemented as a standalone solution or as an extension of your existing enterprise environment.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Deliver business data to users with an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in the cloud, delivered as a service and combined with advanced analytics functions. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is based on SAP HANA Cloud, leveraging virtualization capabilities, tiered data persistence and placement, and an in-memory database core.

SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities are based on the SAP Extension Suite and SAP Integration Suite and SAP HANA, and allow you to integrate all your data seamlessly. Whether your data is stored in spreadsheets or in on premise or cloud databases - or all of these options - you can visually analyze information to make better informed decisions.

Main benefits

Combine the advantages of SAP HANA and the cloud

Take advantage of a cloud-native solution that offers scalability, speed, and flexibility, and eliminates information silos with a single data instance.

Simplify IT structure and scale data management with lower TCO

Experience a unified in-memory data platform that combines database, advanced analytics, data integration, and application services.

Extend applications and analytical functions with intelligence

Deepen insights and situational awareness with extensive capabilities of advanced, multi-modal analytical functions.

Innovate with confidence and agility

Create intelligent, responsive solutions with ease by combining analytical and transactional workloads, advanced analytical functions, and security to preserve privacy and trust.

Key Features

SAP HANA is used for database management, advanced analytical processing, application development, and data virtualization.

Create a simple gateway for your company's data
Accelerate insight with a simplified IT framework
Work with extended analytical functions and real-time intelligence
Combine OLAP and OLTP systems, and run hybrid transactional and analytical processing
Take advantage of advanced analytical functions, graph processing, and ETL capabilities

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