Teradata Vantage

A modern cloud platform for a hybrid, multi-cloud world.

What other analytics platforms can't do, Teradata can!

Teradata Vantage™ is the cloud data analytics platform that unifies: data lakes, data warehouses, analytics functionality and new data sources and types. At the forefront of analytics platforms, with hybrid and multi-cloud environments and flexible pricing, Teradata Vantage™ delivers unlimited intelligence to create the future of your business.


Unmatched flexibility. Unlimited possibilities.

A hybrid multi-cloud world demands more. More freedom. More choice. More agility.

And your Data Analytics Platform needs to keep up! That's why Teradata Vantage-the world's most adaptable data analytics platform-delivers the power and flexibility modern business needs, with more control, less risk and no lock-in.

Deploy anywhere, The industry's most flexible platform.

Deploy Vantage however you want: in public clouds (such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud), in multi-cloud hybrid environment, in on-premise data centers such as Teradata IntelliFlex or on third-party hardware with VMware.

With no upfront costs, usage-based pricing, and portable licensing among the deployment options, Vantage is a modern solution that adapts as your needs change.

Advantages of choosing Teradata Vantage

Connect everything, say goodbye to silos.

Gain a complete view of your business by connecting and analyzing data across your entire ecosystem-from data lakes and object storage to cloud services. Empower your users to access any data in your enterprise seamlessly, transparently, and at scale using a broad set of commercial and open source technologies.

Process everything, all your data. In any type or format.

Vantage unifies and integrates any types of data from disparate sources across your organization-from industrial sensors to social media-to effectively provide a single source of truth. Compatible with the most common data types and formats including JSON, BSON, XML, Avro, Parquet, and CSV, Vantage brings scalability to your processing in all directions-and all without compromise.

Manage workloads simply, Total Control made easy.

The world's most advanced workload management allows you to assign processing resources to user workloads according to your business priorities, all with self-managing controls and single configuration. Make managing your data easier by eliminating the need to perform detailed space management, reorganize databases, repartition data, rebuild indexes, or adjust queries.

Analysis at scale. Simple tools. Powerful results.

Enable descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics and implement complex algorithms with the languages you already use, such as SQL, R, Python and SAS, using popular tools like Jupyter Notebook and RStudio. Three high-performance processing engines (Advanced SQL Engine, Machine Learning Engine, and Graph Engine) conduct all types of analysis in near real-time and at scale.

Vantage offers what other solutions cannot

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