SQUAD Development

A multifunctional team with the autonomy and dedication to deliver your projects in the best possible way and as quickly as possible.

Unlock the Potential of Agile Teams: Accelerate Your Development Project

Our squad teams are made up of autonomous and highly committed professionals, dedicated exclusively to delivering exceptional results. By adopting proven agile methodologies, they have the ability to accelerate the pace of work and produce superior results in less time.
We offer you the flexibility to create your own multidisciplinary team, made up of specialists in different areas with experience in various programming languages. These teams are completely self-managing and can be configured according to the specific needs of your project. By adopting agile squad teams, you'll be ensuring an adaptable and efficient approach to achieving your development goals, speeding up delivery and boosting the success of your IT project.

High Performance Teams: Beyond Delivery

By choosing our high-performance teams, you can trust that you will receive not just a development service, but a strategic partner who is constantly seeking to add value to your business. We are ready to exceed your expectations and deliver results that drive your company's growth and excellence.

Management by market experts

Quality projects require quality professionals, and that's what #arbitanos is all about.
With an expert team managed by market specialists, your project is done precisely.

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Squad's main advantages

Highly qualified team with multifunctional professionals
Each squad has autonomy to make decisions, which speeds up work
Transparency and constant evolution with daily deliveries
Focus on engagement and productivity

Have an engaged, productive and qualified team to produce your projects as quickly as possible.